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Dedicated to all NND dancers. Just my way of sharing the hard work of these amazing dancers.

Happy birthday, Kento-sensei! 4/24/14 (about midnight)Video from fans: とても嬉しい! 本当にありがとう。 先生感動! すんすんArsMagna: I’m very happy!Thank you very much.Sensei is touched!Sunsun‏@_ARSMAGNA_: みんなの言葉先生に沁みるな ありがとう! でも動画が見れないぜぃ なんでだ!? ArsMagna: Everyone’s words pierce Sensei’s heartThank you!But I can’t see the videoWhy!?Sunsun@_ARSMAGNA_: すっげー大好きだ!! ありがとう 先生。ArsMagna: I love you sooo much!!Thank youSensei.‏@_ARSMAGNA_: +♂、そしてメイトちゃんからの動画嬉しすぎる… あんまり大人を泣かすんじゃないよっ 嬉しいな 本当に嬉しいな ありがとう ケントArsMagna: I’m too happy about +♂ and the video from the Mates…You shouldn’t make an adult cry so muchI’m happy, I’m truly happyThank youKento(in the morning)↓
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Sakakibara Tatsuki and BoopBoopBeeDoop on Tuesday Nicoradi 4/15/14 Excerpt

Yamada Hisashi: You performed in Cho Party last year as well, didn’t you?
BBBD: Yes.
Yamada: BoopBoopBeeDoop did. This time, the five of you will be performing?
BBBD & Tatsuki: Yes.
Yamada: Tatsukikku, what do you think of this? Isn’t this your first time performing with these five?
Tatsuki: I’m… nothing but uncertain.
All: *laugh*
Yamada: Performing with ArsMagna is much more…
Tatsuki: I have a little more peace of mind.
Yamada: Right?!
BBBD: Ehhh?
Caramel: Why, why?!
Yamada: Because he looks at me for confirmation.
BBBD and Tatsuki: *laugh*
Yamada: I’ll never forget when we went to Universal Studios Singapore…
Tatsuki: Ah!
Yamada: You suddenly were suddenly asked to dance.
Tatsuki: Awawawawawa!
Iku: That’s amazing.
Yamada: Isn’t it amazing? At Universal Studios, they were called up on stage during a show by professional dancers, “Today, ArsMagna has come from Japan, so let’s see them dance!”
Tatsuki: Hoooo!
Yamada: and they were told to dance one at a time, and after they said, “Okaaay!” Tatsukikku’s face…
BBBD and Tatsuki: *laugh*
Yamada: He looked like, “Oh, eh, me too? Me?”
Tatsuki: My mind went completely blank then.
Yamada: Ever since then, huh? Well, you were by yourself, after all.
Tatsuki: Since I was alone, I remember that as a traumatic experience that now.
BBBD: *laugh*
Tatsuki: I can’t do it…
Yamada: Tatsukikku doesn’t want to dance all by himself very much.
Tatsuki: I don’t want to dance all by myself.
Yamada: If possible, you want to dance with everyone else.
Tatsuki: That’s right, I want to be hidden.
Iku: But lots of comments say that you’re cute!
Tatsuki: No, I can’t, I can’t. *shakes head*
Yamada: You’re cute, though, you know?
Tatsuki: I can’t do it…
Yamada: Have the five of you danced in any events before?
Tatsuki: We performed in a Nico Nico Douga event called FM360. Once.
Yamada: Then you’ll be fine!
Tatsuki: *shakes head*
Yamada: *laugh* He shakes his head. What’s the difference between this group and ArsMagna?
Tatsuki: Just the maids, I guess that’s all.
Yamada: Eh?! Wait a second! That’s a loose way to put it!
Tatsuki: Nothing deep, nothing deep!
Yamada: Like that the choreography is more difficult or something.
Tatsuki: Ah, well.
Yamada: After all, ArsMagna’s choreography is incredibly fast.
Tatsuki: Right.
Yamada: Isn’t that difficult?
Iku: You dance very sharply, after all.
Tatsuki: This is much easier than ArsMagna.
Caramel: *open mouth*
Yamada: Then you’ll be fine!
Tatsuki: I might be okay!
Yamada: You’ll be fine, you’ll be fine!


20/04/2014 “Tatsuki~”
Hihi his cheeks look a little chubby >w


Musumen’s crossfade for their first album, “Wonder Dream”!

Featuring songs by Halyosy, Giga, Umetora, koma’n, emon, and Honey Works~

pati2-21: when you change one letter in every word it's the same as my native language (Polish): taniec, pies, dobra noc (^ω^)

O: that’s actually really cool! 

Anonymous: "dance", "dog" and "goodnight" ^^

I’ll do it in slovak because #holla

Tanec, pes, and dobrú noc

New weber~