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Dedicated to all NND dancers. Just my way of sharing the hard work of these amazing dancers.
Insomnia. (Sou x Reader)


12:18 AM

He pores over a dusty tome, its pages wrinkled and worn from frequent use. His vision blurs slightly and he blinks to clear it, the dim light that washes over him only a hindrance.

At first, it is only a fleeting touch that barely ghosts over his porcelain, delicate skin.

Osaka~༼ つ ◕◡◕ ༽つ
Anonymous: Hello Clock-san! I'm always grateful for your translations and hard work :D Do you know any info about J's group WEBER? Did you post any info about it that I might have missed.. There's a short version of their PV up on their official channel but I don't think it says anywhere that the full version will be released.. Thanks for any help ^^;


Thank you very much!!! I am grateful that you read them!♡
Let’s see…

Official site
Page on Plan Chime site
They have a mobile fanclub that just opened recently. The QR code can be found on their website.

J (Yada Yuuki) (dancer, leader) - 9/11/91, currently 22
Taka. (Sakurai Takateru) (vocals) - 10/8/93, 20
Show (Sugamata Sho) (vocals) - 10/5/93, 20
Hayato (Oomori Hayato) (vocals) -  8/10/93, 20
little Skeet (Hamaguchi Shuutarou) (dancer) - 3/16/94 20

I haven’t posted much about them, but you can check the tags WEBER and J. ^^ If there’s anything in particular you are curious about that I might be able to find out, please ask away~

I don’t know of any plans to upload a full version. They sell a CD with the full audio (no video) and an instrumental version of “Beat the Black,” but I don’t think it can currently be ordered online.

It looks like the video on YouTube was taken down, but they performed “Beat the Black” and other songs at CosMen Festival 8/24/13. I have the recording of the full show here.


Ririri: 昨日はむすめん。見にいってたよー!じまんのお兄ちゃんと 🌟
Aoi: 変顔ーーー!!!
Ririri:  I went to see musumen. yesterday!  With my proud(?) brother 🌟
Aoi: Weird face!!!
Anonymous: congratulations on 2 years!! I was wondering what program you use for your gifs :)

thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu~

I either use photoshop elements 12, or photoshop elements 10. It really depends on what I’m doing. If i’m gifing just one giant gif, it’s usually elements 12 because it looks so much  better imo, but if i’m gifing more than one gif, i use elements 10 because when I compress it, it looks less pixel like (?)….  


Can we talk about how I didn’t know that meloswag was already a common tag before I made Mr. MeloSWAG for Melochin??

Well he’s the original Meloswag soo

mou ikkai, mou ikkai

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